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Thank you so much for all the wonderful good wishes and encouragement since the announcement we would be running this fantastic space!


December 6th will see the reopening of the theatre in its new identity. Drop in during the day for a pre official opening coffee and a chat and to see our new art exhibition, perhaps join our new Friends scheme.

At 7.30pm it’s curtain up on our opening production when Redwood Productions proudly present It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play.

Click on the image to book tickets.

We have a program continuous from opening night and will publish by the end of this month.

The Team

Artistic Director Steve Scott will have his office at the Grove. He will be supported by Kevin Nuttall and Ray Gerlach who will act as joint General Managers and will deal with all day to day matters. Steve is joined by Associate Artistic Director John Berry from Printers Playhouse.

Executive Director of Redwood, Orion Powell, leads on live music and oversees bar/cafeteria space.

Ellie Roper will be Friends Scheme and Volunteers coordinator, supporting Chief Executive

Jenny Brown joins us to oversee exhibitions and the visual arts, supporting the Artistic Director.

Our Trustees are Dave Brinson (Chair), Gaynor Sadlo, Par Garrett, Ellie Roper and Teddy Prout.

Hiring The Grove Theatre

The flat hire fee will be £25 per hour. Productions and live music events will run on a door split of 60%/40% in favor of the production or act. We will operate a minimum returns scheme. Full details out soon.

All hirings will be by formal contract. If working with young or vulnerable people is involved, we will need to see evidence of DBS compliance, we will also want wherever appropriate evidence of your insurance and again where appropriate, risk assessments. Redwood operate a strict safeguarding policy and ask all who work with us to sign up to it.

Bookings to hire the theatre will be possible through our new website or by contacting the theater. Our ticket sales will have multiple outlets; our principal outlet is Online Ticket Seller, based in Eastbourne.

We will go live on all the booking and other contact links for the theatre as soon as set-up is complete; it’s all underway, there’s just an awful lot of it to do.

Please do not ty to book use of the space before we have all the links and forms published – thanks! We have had quite a few approached already and have noted these.

Website and Social Media Platforms

These are being run for us by Helen Owen at HOME CIC. We’ve agreed the website design and it will be live soon. The theater will be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all being processed right now.

We are organizing phone service and will publish numbers, email address for the Grove, in fact all contact details soon as we have them.

We look forward to seeing you at The Grove.

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